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Learn About Our Founder

Your Story Forward was founded by Rick Hensley. Rick has worked for more than 45 years in corporate business and has held management, leadership, and senior executive positions. Although his background includes 25 years of consulting and 12 years as a chief information officer, Rick's passion has always been helping teams and individuals succeed through personal development and growth.

Your Story Forward: Testimonials

Josh Hughes -  IT Operations Service Line Lead at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati Ohio

I owe Rick a significant gratitude for the trajectory of my career. He was able to work with me as a coach and shape my talents into proven leadership by teaching me how to focus on people first. It's Ricks understanding of how to value people that makes him truly special.


Noele Williams – CEO of Interpro Performance Solutions in Cincinnati Ohio

The lessons I have learned from working with Rick are key practices I want to carry forward into both my work and my life.   They are:

·         Consistency of intention;

·         Persistence of action; and

·         Steadiness of mind. 

These are habits that serve to propel things forward and provide clarity in both good times and bad; and, in addition to helping promote these skills in others, Rick demonstrates these characteristics every single day, making him an exceptional coach and role model.